5 Most Expensive Celebrities Leather Jackets

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We often look forward to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to luxury and fashion. For example, who can forget the iconic leather jacket that Jimmy Stewart wore in The Night Passage or the one that Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One? They were the first to debut stylish coats, thanks to which you could see so many elegant celebrities wearing leather.

Leather jackets have always been a necessary piece of opulent clothing. These pieces are not only highly fashionable, but they also serve a very practical purpose in your fall/winter wardrobe. And maybe one of the priciest articles of apparel as well!

Celebrities often collaborate with high-end fashion designers or brands to create exclusive and expensive items. For example, jackets designed by luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent, worn by popular celebrities, can be quite costly.

Why So Expensive ?

The entire tanning process, which starts with selecting the appropriate animal skin and ends with high-quality wearable leather, makes genuine leather pricey. It may take many days to complete the transition. Additionally, the handmade nature of superior grade leather jackets justifies their price.

High-end labels take things a step further by personalizing these coats and creating eye-catching pieces with embellishments and distinctive patterns. This might be one of the reasons why famous people choose them in order to make a distinctive style statement and stand out from the crowd.

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Everyone is aware of the ridiculous wealth that comes with becoming a celebrity in any field—sports, movies, television, or even fashion. As a result, they are able to purchase and style expensive but necessary pieces of apparel.

We chose to compile a list of the five most expensive leather jackets owned by Hollywood celebrities, as we frequently see them sporting extremely expensive pieces.


Actor Justin Theroux is quite attractive and fits the description of an ultra-stylish heartthrob. His sense of style never fails, whether he’s attending an award show or just going out on the town. Justin is highly praised for his stylish appearance on the streets.

The Wanderlust actress owns a number of upscale basics from pricy labels. One of such is a Mastermind Japan $12,000 Biker leather jacket. Although the company is famous for producing the priciest leather coats, the elegant styles are well worth the price.

For a macho appearance, the jacket has a front zip, two side horizontal zips, and two shoulder epaulettes. Justin’s no-nonsense approach goes well with the motorcycle jacket, which he has been seen wearing a lot. To provide observers with a visual treat, he always pairs it in a unique way. But isn’t the high price justified by its versatility?


More accurately than any award-winning designer himself, who could represent luxury fashion? For anybody familiar with fashion, the name “Marc Jacobs” is foreign. He is a style icon in addition to being a brilliant fashion designer. He consistently makes a striking fashion statement with his attire.

Marc has a gorgeous black embellished bomber jacket from Saint Laurent that costs an incredible $24900. The jacket has zipped pockets, ribbed cuffs and hem, and a stand-up collar. The multicolored pattern and sequined embroidery embellish it attractively.

Several celebrities, like Marc, choose to dress in the legendary Saint Laurent clothing line’s essential pieces and accessories to create a timeless look.

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Without a doubt, the girl from 50 Shades of Grey is a Gucci devotee! Although Dakota Johnson often shops at the company for her coats, boots, and accessories, her custom Gucci studded jacket received the most praise.

Dakota’s embroidered flowers and a pop of red adorn the studded black leather jacket, which helps her pull off the carefree yet elegant style for which she is renowned. Dakota’s personalised jacket is priced at around $12,000, considering that Gucci is among the priciest jacket companies.

Dakota once wore black pants and short heeled boots with her statement blazer. She accessorized the ensemble beautifully with a Gucci belt as well.


The renowned British Formula One racer is the owner of the expensive, around $7000, special leather jacket with Balmain embroidery.

Famous French fashion brand Balmain is known for its opulent wardrobe staples, which include expensive leather coats. Balmain is the most favoured brand for celebrity jackets because of its unique designs, which exude elegance and sophistication.

This one, which Lewis Hamilton is wearing, features two zippered pockets, an asymmetric front zipper, and extensive embroidery on one side of the front and left arm. The racing champion wore his expensive blazer with torn pants to showcase his trademark style.

5. Juliana Hough BIKER JACKET – $800

With this $800 leather jacket, American actress, singer, and dancer Juliana Hough proves she doesn’t need a fashion lesson.

Despite having no buttons or excessively gaudy decorations, the jacket’s simple construction gives the star the appearance of being businesslike.

When she wears her gorgeous and cute puppies in a bag with a casual beanie, it’s an outfit that many of us would like to imitate when we leave the house.

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Some Luxury and Affordable Celebrities Leather Jackets Available for You

Last Words

Even though the majority of Hollywood celebrities are frequently noticed sporting elegant leather jackets, it is not always simple to determine their exact cost. There could be more that cost a great deal more than the ones listed above.

These were brought up to help you gauge how much money can be spent on a single item of clothes. However, if your finances prevent it, don’t worry. Reputable platforms still offer high quality at affordable prices.

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